August 29, 2012
Africa: The Next Frontier for IBM Research Innovation

IBM’s new lab will conduct basic and applied research to solve East Africa’s problems, such as transportation congestion.

April 17, 2012
"Africa and Asia together will account for 86 per cent of all growth in the world’s urban population over the next four decades. This unprecedented increase will pose new challenges in terms of jobs, housing and infrastructure."

Quote found in a UN press release titled "Africa and Asia to lead urban population growth in next 40 years"

Urbanization - China

March 20, 2012
"With increased urbanization and substantial economic opportunities, major African cities like Nairobi are coming under more pressure than ever to transform. For Nairobi to reach its full potential as a regional powerhouse, new technologies and approaches are required to modernize the city’s systems and to make it a better place to live, work and do business."

— Quote by Tony Mwai, Country General Manager, IBM East Africa.   Quote found in the online IBM News room in a press release titled:  IBM Report: Technology Holds the Key to Nairobi’s Development and Increased Competitiveness  ony Mwai, CGM IBM East Africa (left) and Dr. Bitange Ndemo, Permanent Secretary, Kenyan Ministry of Information at the launch of the Nairobi Smarter Cities white paper report.

June 26, 2010
"The ambition, speed and scale of Chinese involvement in Africa is extraordinary. According to Chris Alden, author of China in Africa, two-way trade stood at $10 billion in 2000. By 2006, it was $55 billion, and in 2009 it hit $90 billion, making China Africa’s single largest trading partner, supplanting the U.S., which did $86 billion in trade with Africa in 2009. Today the Chinese are pumping oil from Sudan to Angola, logging from Liberia to Gabon, mining from Zambia to Ghana and farming from Kenya to Zimbabwe. Chinese contractors are building roads from Equatorial Guinea to Ethiopia, dams from the Congo to the Nile, and hospitals and schools, sports stadiums and presidential palaces across the continent. They are buying too. Acquisitions range from a $5.5 billion stake in South Africa’s Standard Bank to a $14 million investment in a mobile-phone company in Somalia."

Quote from article: Africa: China’s New Continent found at TIME Magazine Online

China is funding the development of a 120 megawatt power plant in the Republic of Congo

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